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BHPCO is an independent streetwear brand inspired by Skate & BMX culture and the lifestyle, music and art that go alongside.

Through taking dark influences and incorporating these to produce the freshest of designs, The Triple Six Bandits have risen from the ashes of forgotten Cambridge skate-parks to create a community of people who have a shared passion for extreme sports, slick art, the heaviest music and partying hard.

Whilst we make our way through festivals and conventions
up and down the country; and in the process holding down a club
residency (BHPCO Presents SABOTAGE!), we are aiming to be the brand widely recognised as the movement that people from Cambridge have been waiting for, and want to be a part of.

We are BHPCO.
Welcome to the Dagger Club. //

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bhpcosupply
Instagram: www.instagram.com/bhpco

General Enquiries: 666bandits@bhpco.co.uk
Events: sabotage@bhpco.co.uk